Superstar’s life takes an intense turn following the tragic
loss of his mother. Growing up on the perilous streets of London, he becomes
intimately acquainted with their dangers. 
Despite this, Superstar’s musical talent leads him to sign a deal with a major music label, focusing on creating an album as a heartfelt tribute to his beloved mother. However, his brother Mike has different plans, aspiring to become London’s BIGGEST drug supplier while relentlessly trying to pull Superstar back into the underworld. As Mike schemes to dominate the UK drug game by eliminating rival dealers, Superstar wrestles with guilt over his brother’s fate and a burning desire for revenge. Unbeknown to Superstar, debts left behind by Mike’s crazy lifestyle threaten both him and his brother’s protégé, Ty. With enemies closing in, Superstar and Ty must navigate dangerous ultimatums, evade the police and unravel the truth behind Mike’s demise. The legacy of Mike’s empire hangs in the balance as they fight to survive, seeking redemption in a world they desperately want to leave behind.